Balhannah Cold Storage

Balhannah Cold Stores currently stores Apples for its owners with peak season from February to October.

It also stores for a range of other producers with up to 10 rooms available outside of peak apple season.

Please contact us for your storage needs of

  • Seed Potatoes
  • Chilling of wine grapes during harvest
  • Any other storage needs with temperatures from 1 degree available



Balhannah Cold Stores commenced operation in 1914 as the first privately owned cold storage facility in Australia. 

Originally formed to service the local apple and pear growers it became a Co-operative in 1946.

At its peak It operated 26 rooms varying in size and capabilities. 9 rooms set up for controlled atmosphere for the long term storage of apples. 6 rooms operated as freezers with 2 of those capable of blast freezing to minus 30 degrees.

The remaining rooms operated as chilled air store or controlled temperature and dry storage for various products including, a range of other produce including meat, onions, potatoes, cheese and wine.

The site was AQIS approved for export of meat and dairy with loading facilities for semi trailers and containers.

While the majority of the site is now a Commercial Centre for local businesses 10 rooms remain at the rear of the property.